CSE Batch 04 get together with Staff

It is a great tradition of CSE to have a get together with the Staff and the passing out batch of every year. Our batch (batch 04) passed out in May 2008 and due to many reasons we had to take a while to organize this fascinating event. Finally we were able to get things going and the event was held on last Saturday.

It was a great time for all of us specially as we didn’t have an opportunity to meet after our graduation. Most of our guys and gals were there and it was nice to see all the faces together once again. CSE batch 04 was a great team with a great unity and spirit. I think it will last for ever.


It was nice to see all these smiling faces :-). And also I have to tell that we are truly grateful to our CSE staff who were behind us during our three years at CSE. Well done batch 04…