Apache CXF support in WSO2 Application Server

WSO2 Application Server mainly supports hosting Web Services and Web Applications. One of the major features included in the upcoming release (version 4.5.0) of WSO2 AS is the integration of Apache CXF. So from AS 4.5.0 on-wards, CXF users also will be able to host their applications inside WSO2 AS with great ease. Once you deploy your CXF application inside WSO2 AS, it automatically inherits lots of benefits from the underlying WSO2 Carbon platform.

  1. Ability to use the Carbon user store through CarbonContext
  2. Ability to use WSO2 Registry API’s through CarbonContext
  3. Fine grain authorization through WSO2 Identity Server features
  4. All the benefits inherited through OSGi
  5. Easy to use Management Console for CXF JAX-WS/JAX-RS Web Applications
  6. Hot deployment and Hot update for your CXF Web Applications

Following are some screen shots of the UI provided by WSO2 AS for CXF webapps. You can upload CXF webapps through the management console as follows.

Once you upload your CXF webapp, you can see the list of webapps as follows.

By clicking on the “Find Services” link, you can see the list of Web Services exposed by the particular CXF webapp.

We’ve already completed this integration on WSO2 Carbon trunk and now we are looking at the possibilities of making this feature more useful. For example, we’ll be adding the “Try-It” capability into CXF services and providing statistics for each and every service. AS 4.5.0 is expected to be released by the end of June and it will contain this new feature.