Final Year Project

Rampart2 (A High performance security module for Apache Axis2)

These are the last few days of my degree on Computer Scence and Engineering at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Yesterday I finished the final presentations, demonstrations and viva held on my Final Year Project.

My project was to implement a newly architected high performance security module for Apache Axis2 (which is one of the leading open source Web Services engines). What is expected from a security module is to implement what is defined in the WS-Security specification. Apache Rampart is the currently existing security module for Axis2 and it contains lot of drawbacks.

  • Wastage of Processing time
  • Wastage of Memory
  • Less protection from attacks like DOS attacks

So our goal was to implemet a new security module which overcomes the above mentioned drawbacks. It was extremely successful and we got very good feedbacks from our supervisors and staff members.

Rampart2 development team included four of us namely Sameera Jayasoma, Saliya Ekanayake, Kalani Ruwanpathirana and my self. Rampart2 consists of two major layers. The top layer provides SOAP security and it implemets the WS-Security and WS-SecurityPolicy specifications. The bottom layer provieds XML security and it implements the XML-Encryption, XML-Signature and XML-Canonicolization specifications.

I was working on the top layer with Sameera and my responsibility was to implement the Message Processing Model. I was really successful and it makes sure that the system resources are efficiently used and the attacks are identified as soon as possible.

As our future work we have to implement the specifications like WS-Trust and SAML Token Profile on top of Rampart2. After that we will be able to replace the currently existing module (Rampart) with Rampart2. I really enjoyed the challenges I had face during the project and looking forward to contribute in Rampart2 development in the future as well.