Cricket World Cup 2007

Currently Sri Lankans have played wonderfully well in the world cup 2007. They won all three matches in the first round including a memorable performance against India.

I think the chances are really high for the Sri Lankans to win the world cup this time too, like they did in 1996, because the team unity and spirit is really high and it counts more than anything else when it comes to a tournament like the ICC World Cup.

I wish our team all the very best to bring the World Cup once again!….

JSON Support in Apache Axis2

During the period of my internship at WSO2 I had the oppotunity of working on Apache Axis2 project. I implemented JSON support in Apache Axis2 after some research to understand the architecture of the Axis2 engine.

JSON (Java Script Object Notation) is another data exchangeable format like XML, but it is more lightweight and easily readable. It is based on a subset of Javascript language. Therefore, Javascript can understand JSON, and it can make Javascript objects by using JSON strings. JSON is based on key-value pairs and it uses colons to separate keys and values. JSON doesn’t use end tags, and it uses braces (curly brackets) to enclose JSON Objects.

Apache Axis2 is a Web services stack that delivers incoming messages into target applications. In other words it is basically a SOAP processing engine. In most cases, these messages are SOAP messages. In addition, it is also possible to send REST messages through Axis2. Both types of messages use XML as their data exchangeable format. So if we can use XML as a format, JSON is also a good replacement for XML in some applications.

To read more on this implementation, read the article, JSON Support for Apache Axis2 in the WSO2 Oxygen Tank.

How lucky to be a Sri Lankan…

I’m someone who is always thrilled by being a Sri Lankan. Sri Lnaka is a small island which is situated in the Indian ocean. Although it is small, the natural beauty and the kindness of the people always makes it special. I think it is a great pleasure to be a Sri Lankan and to stay in Sri Lanka.

I was born in Galle, which is situated in the southern province of Sri Lanka. It is a great place to open your eyes as a human being. I always think that the environment in which i have been growing, has injected me the freshness which was needed to think hard and explore different things.

Thanks a lot my mother land, Sri Lanka..