4 years at WSO2

Yesterday morning, accidentally I realized that I’ve been with WSO2 for 4 years. Joined the company on the 12th of May 2008 just after completing my CSE degree. Supun, Milinda, Saliya, Kalani and Rajika were the other batch mates who joined with me and Sameera joined a week later. Looking back, it has been a wonderful period of my life. I’ve learned a lot, gathered so much experience specially at customer sites and made lots of friends.

Just after joining the company I was assigned into WSO2 WSAS team and Azeez was my very first product manager. I still remember how we worked for our very first Carbon release. It was my first release experience and we had to put in lot of effort to get the release out. However I never felt tired and it was fun. I’ve written this post on the 31st of December 2008 with all my feelings about the company and the start of my career.

In addition to the technical experiences that I’ve gathered, I’ve made lots of friends at WSO2 who contributed a lot to make these 4 years unforgettable. Specially the annual “Adyapana Charikawa” 🙂 organized by Charitha, has added loads of fun memories. In addition to that I always enjoyed playing Carrom, Table Tennis and Basket Ball with our guys whenever we get a chance.

Having spent such a wonderful time, most probably I’ll be leaving the company for my studies in August. It’s little sad to think about leaving all my WSO2 friends. But still I don’t think about that too much as I’ve got 3 more months to enjoy with them :).


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