Sri Lanka wins 2 Bronze medals and 3 Honourable Mentions in the 50th IMO

It was a great pleasure for me to know that Sri Lanka has won 2 bronze medals and 3 honourable mentions in the 50th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) competition held recently in Germany. Our students have scored 74 marks and become the 50th in the rankings out of 104 countries. This is a great achievement in the context of IMO.

I had the opportunity of representing Sri Lankan team in the 44th IMO which was held in Japan. Our team could score only few marks and we were among the lowest scorers in the rankings. It’s an extremely tough competition and normally other counties prepare students for IMO from their childhood.

Contestants must be below 20 years and must have not entered a university. Competition is held for 2 days and 3 problems are given each day. Time for a problem is 1.5 hours. Each problem carries 7 marks and the total is 42.

Mr. Chanakya J. Wijeratne who is a senior lecturer at the department of mathematics, university of Colombo, is the person who is behind this great success. He has been training students for IMO for more than 6 years now. We also were trained under him and he is doing a great job for our country.

I think our students can win more and more medals in IMO (even golds) if we can train them at least for one year. Definitely the required brains are there. What we lack is training. So well done boys.. Keep it up..


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3 Responses to Sri Lanka wins 2 Bronze medals and 3 Honourable Mentions in the 50th IMO

  1. Thank you very much for your appreciation. Yes, we have come a long way since 2003 IMO in Japan. But there is a long way to go beore we could win Gold. Now we have more trainers; former IMO participants, and training material published for our students by us;”Challenging Maths”, “Introduction to Olympiad Maths” and “Easy Olympiad Maths”…And all this through volunteer effort! It is tough going and we need volunteers and sponsors. We had a sponsor only in 2006!

    I see that you work for WSO2. I know the company and its chairman. You seem to be enjoying your work. If you would like to help us out contact me at 072 3678215.


  2. A.B.K. says:

    Mr. Chanakya Wijeratna told me about your blog and about your blog post on IMO 2009. As I am a Richmondite as well as a past IMO participant I thought of going through it and making a comment on it.

    As Mr. Chanakya said; we always rely on volunteer work. Even this year SLMC was totally based on volunteer work. Students of UOC and UOM plus past IMO participants were the ones who contributed.

    Anyway, you’ve got a nice blog here. Keep up the good work !!!

  3. isurues says:

    Dear Sir and A.B.K,

    First of all, Thanks for reading my blog :). I also like to participate with anything I can do to help your great work. But I haven’t been doing anything directly related to mathematics for many years now :).


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