Can we deploy additional web applications in Carbon??..

This is a very common question and most people are asking this again and again. Answer to this question is like “Yes and No” :). So let me explain it in bit more details.

As you may already know, the standalone carbon server is build on top of an embedded Tomcat instance. Carbon is deployed within it as any other web application. In other words, Carbon itself is a web application. So it should be possible to deploy additional web apps in this embedded Tomcat instance and they should run in parallel with Carbon. But practically this is not the case.

We have done some customizations to this embedded Tomcat instance to support our OSGi based Carbon framework mounted on top of it. There are some additional libraries in CARBON_HOME/lib (equal to TOMCAT_HOME/lib) which are related to Carbon framework. Those jars can cause problems for your web application as Tomcat uses parent first class loading. And also, in Carbon we haven’t used all libraries which comes with a normal Tomcat instance. Therefore, some functionalities which are needed for full web application support may be not there.

Today, one user came up with a very good question. That is “If you have customised the embedded Tomcat instance to support Carbon, are we going to miss some functionalities when Carbon is deployed in some other Application server?”. The answer is “No”. So don’t worry about that :). Those customizations are not directly related to product functionalities. All Carbon based products are tested on may application servers like Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere etc.

So in conclusion, we don’t recommend deploying other web apps inside any of our Carbon based products. But basic web apps will work. If you want to have your additional web apps in parallel with Carbon, the recommended approach is to deploy Carbon in some other application server and deploy the other web apps inside the same application server.


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2 Responses to Can we deploy additional web applications in Carbon??..

  1. Victor Rocha says:

    Hello Isuru,

    nice blog here.

    I need to publish a regular XML file inside carbon wsas´ ROOT folder, so that it can be accessed through an http get request.

    That would be possible with “regular” Tomcat, but I couldn´t get it running with Wso2. I only get redirected to carbon´s admin console when trying to get the file, after putting it inside ROOT folder.
    You have any thoughs on that?

    I´m required to be able to access the file at

    where my.ip:9763 is the server/port for wso2´ wsas.

    well, hope you can help, I´m googling over past 2 days 😐

    best regards!

  2. isurues says:

    Hi Victor,

    We only support “/carbon” context under ROOT. Any request will be redirected to “/carbon”.

    As I’ve mentioned above in my original post, “we have done some customizations to the embedded Tomcat instance”. This is one of those.

    So you can’t access your file in the way you have tried. But these days we are planning to support full web app deployment under Carbon. May be you’ll find this support in our future releases. 🙂


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