Apache Axis2/Java Performance Results

Few days back, I did a performance test on Axis2/Java to compare performances of different kinds of services that can be created using Axis2. I used a service using ADB databinding, another service using Jaxbri databinding and another service using JAXWS. For simple scenarios, I tested for POJO services as well.

Test setup

* Services hosted on Tomcat 6
* Axis2 version : Trunk
* Apache bench
* Concurrency level : 30
* Measure : Requests per second
* JDK : 1.6
* OS : Ubuntu 9.04
* Memory : 8GB

Scenario 01 : Echo Integer

Five digit integer was used.


Scenario 02 : Echo String

Length of the string was varied to create 1KB, 5KB and 10KB payloads.


Scenario 03 : Echo complex type

An array of complex type objects were echoed. Class hierarchy consists of three levels. Tested for ADB, Jaxbri and JAXWS services using the same WSDL. Payload size was varied by increasing the number of elements in the array.

echo complex type


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