WSO2 Carbon Internals

Although I have introduced WSO2 Carbon platform in my previous posts, I haven’t really touched its internals. Carbon is still a child and loads of R&D stuff are still being done on it. But after our Carbon 1.5.1 release, I thought of publishing some explanations of Carbon internals. Carbon 1.5.1 is the last major release of Carbon and it was extremely stable.

The article “How Stuff Works – WSO2 Carbon” explains the Carbon start-up process and provides a brief detail on Carbon architecture. And also this will give you a clear idea on how Carbon works on top of the OSGi framework. Although I wrote this just after the release, it took some time to get published :).

As I mentioned above, lot of innovations are already done on Carbon after 1.5.1 release and still being done. So please note that, some contents of the above publication will not be valid for next Carbon releases as it is on 1.5.1.


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