WSO2 Carbon feature packs coming soon

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous posts, WSO2 Carbon platform is completely developed on OSGi framework. This makes Carbon a highly dynamic, flexible and easy to use platform for all WSO2 products. As a result of this, any product which runs on Carbon can be extended by adding more and more Carbon components. This allows you to install additional functionality to your product instance (WSAS, ESB, Registry etc..) extremely easily.

WSO2 Carbon feature packs are there to support you to customise your product instance. This can do wonders for you. Have you ever heard of combining features of two products in to one? Carbon platform allows you to do that. What you have to do is simple. Just download the feature pack and install it following the procedure given in the INSTALL.txt file. Basically you have to copy the Carbon components in the feature pack in to the $PRODUCT_HOME/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/plugins directory of your product and restart the server. You may have to do some more small configurations as well with some feature packs.

Following is a list of some feature packs which will be coming out soon. These features are already there in releases of one or more products. Following feature packs allows you to add those features into other WSO2 products in which those are not available by default. Products in which each feature is available by default are given within brackets.

  • Mediation feature pack (Default – ESB) – Allows to add service mediation functionality. Ruwan explains how to add this into WSAS in one of his posts.
  • Service hosting feature pack (Default – WSAS) – Allows to add support for aar, jaxws, spring, pojo etc services.
  • Bpel feature pack (Default – BPS) – Allows to add bpel support.
  • Data services feature pack (Default – Data Services) – Allows to add data services support.
  • Tools feature pack (Default – WSAS, Data Services) – Allows to add tools like java2wsdl, wsdl2java, try it etc..

These feature packs will be released very soon and it will allow you to create your own SOA solution with all wanted features in a single product.

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