Extensibility of the WSO2 Carbon platform

WSO2’s latest SOA platform which is called WSO2 Carbon, comes with a bunch of extremely attractive attributes. Among them extensibility is one of the most important factors. Carbon platform is developed on top of OSGi technology and it adds lot of cool features to Carbon. Through this, Carbon provides a flexible and extensible platform for all WSO2 products like WSO2 WSAS 3.0, WSO2 ESB 2.0, WSO2 Registry 2.0 and WSO2 BPS 1.0.

Carbon inherits the extensibiliy of OSGi. In OSGi world, everything is a bundle. In the context of Carbon, these OSGi bundles are called Carbon components. Therefore, each and every WSO2 product which runs on Carbon is a collection of Carbon components. Installing an uninstalling a Carbon component from the base platfoam is simple. So you can develop your own Carbon components and install them into a running Carbon instance (a product like WSAS) at any time.

Find more details on developing your own Carbon component and plugging it into Carbon in the article “Getting Started with WSO2 Carbon“.

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