WSO2 Carbon 1.5 released!..

After about 6 months of tireless efforts, we were able to release WSO2 Carbon 1.5 last Friday. Carbon is the brand new SOA platform for all WSO2 products from now on. It is totally designed using cool OSGi technology and provides the common functionality for all our products (utilizes Axis2, Rampart, Sandesha2 etc). Following list is the family of WSO2 products which are newly released on top of Carbon 1.5. Now those are available to be downloaded.

For me this release was a great experience. Although I’ve been involved in previous beta and RC releases, this is the first major release in which I could make a considerable contribution. There were many responsibilities which were assigned to me during last week. Creating branches in the svn, properly versioning them, uploading the artifacts of each sub project to the WSO2 svn repository, creating source distribution, creating documents distribution and many more. Actually I was sleepless for about 2 nights. But it was a great experience and a responsibility through which I could learn the real open source release process.

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Age : 24 Date of Birth : 05.11.1984 Country : Sri Lanka

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