Hackathons at WSO2

These days almost all of our WSO2 folks are working extremely hard to release our first group of products on WSO2 Carbon platform. January 12th is the scheduled date to release WSO2 WSAS 3.0, WSO2 ESB 2.0, WSO2 Registry 1.0 and WSO2 BPS 1.0. Beta releases of all these products are already released and available to download. Out of those betas, WSAS and BPS are really stable and in good shape to be released on 12th. By the start of this week, there were some areas of ESB and Registry still to be improved.

In order to achieve a rapid progress in ESB and Registry, two Hackathons were organized. Normally we work separately and everyone completes his/her own work. But in a hackathon, a set of developers and testers sit around a single table and try to tackle issues as much as possible in a short period of time. By now I’ve participated in 3 or 4 hackathons at WSO2. Through that experience, I understand that it is an extremely effective method of development specially for bug fixing. I can remember that we could dramatically improve the quality of Data Services 1.0 release through a one week hackathon. During last two days, I participated in the ESB hackathon and I’m in Registry hackathon today and tomorrow.

I think the secret behind the success of hackathons is that everyone can interact with all responsible parties of the product at a single place. It helps to take quick decisions and have influence of others. As the testers immediately test the fixed bugs, feedback is also extremely fast. There’s one more important thing which is followed here at WSO2. At the hackathon, each developer is assigned a set of bugs on components which are developed by some other developer (this is followed mostly for UI issues). This improves the quality of the UI as it is improved through different view points of different developers.


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