End of Australia’s domination of the Cricket pitch

Australia has been dominating the Cricket pitch for almost 10 year since their world cup win in 1999. During this time period they clearly stood up and maintained a considerable gab between them and the team ranked 2nd in both Test and One day Cricket. When one team is this far ahead of the others it reduces the competitiveness and results become obvious. This is not good for the game and also for the spectators. Anyway I’m not blaming Australia for standing up and it was up to other teams to come up put on a fight against them. I was waiting for that to happen as a cricket lover.

Now I think the time has come. Best evident for that is Australia has already lost the Test series against South Africa 2-0 with one match to come. This is the first Australian Test series loss on their own soil after 15 years. Retirement of Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath has badly reduced the quality of their bowling attack. In addition to that dangerous Adam Gilchrist also got retired very recently. I think they won’t be able to find such a great wicket keeper batsman for a long time. Captain Ricky Ponting and Matthew Hayden also are at the end of their careers. I don’t see any new batsman with a good technique and talent coming into Australian team after Michael Clarke. On the other hand, who can replace Warne and McGrath? So these are the clear reasons for their collapse.

If you are a cricket lover, you will certainly know how West Indies dominated the cricket world for almost 2 decades in 1960’s and 70’s. They did wonders. But after their world cup final loss against India in 1983, their form gradually deteriorated. It could’ve been the same story for Aussies if they lost the 2007 world cup final against Sri Lanka repeating what happened in 1996.


But Gilchrist with a Squash ball in his glove (which is not allowed under Cricket rules), dashed 150 odd runs and they won the game under some bad umpiring and bad weather. Most Cricket experts all over the world criticized umpires’ decisions when the light went low when the Sri Lankans were batting.

Anyhow I think now it’s the end of summer for Aussies. They lost to India in India recently and If they’ll come to Sri Lanka now, Murali and Ajantha will squeeze their batsmen. Now there are about 4, 5 teams who can beat Aussies for sure. This is great for Cricket and also for us as spectators.


So it’s time to go Aussies, Ponting!…


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